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IC and Ways to Reduce Inflammatory Behaviors

IC and Ways to Reduce Inflammatory Behaviors

From an energy science view the symptoms of interstitial cystitis(IC) are related to the hot quality among others   The burning on urination that feels like razor blades, the suprapubic or vaginal pain, the perineal pain of prostatitis are all related to this energetic quality that is in excess

At this blog I have discussed extensively how the nutritional format is fundamental in clearing symptoms   From my research 91% of patients doing aloe and a nutritional format that reduces this hot quality get 50% relief of symptoms in 6 weeks

But what else can you do from an energy science view to reduce symptoms?  This is one of many unique contributions of Ayurveda in helping us not only understand disease but also how to ameliorate symptoms

The Lifestyle of Over the Top and Inflammation

Let’s feel ourselves next to the stove and feeling the hot quality from the stove top   The hot quality is intense and you can’t stand it for very long without having to pull away  What would it look like if you live an intense lifestyle, that is, the energy pattern of Pitta is in excess and has localized somewhere in your body, let’s say the bladder?   You would be focused, driven and have a tendency for overworking, overeating, overexercising, and overachieving   And have a painful bladder that flares every so often or the bladder is always painful

There is no rest for the weary when Pitta is in excess   And this also becomes stressful for the body maintaining the symptoms of IC

Now for some this driven lifestyle doesn’t fit    Your Pitta excess as seen in the hot quality may have come in other legitimate ways such as types of foods eaten but one thing I can say is that if you have IC with burning on urination then the you have found some way to accumulate this quality

It is now known that DNA is very malleable and changes with our choice making   Inflammation is a phenomenon of DNA and so you can change inflammation and hence your IC by changing your behavior patterns that produce inflammation

Some Observations About Over

A friend once said to me, “The work will always be there tomorrow”   So avoiding burning the midnight oils for deadlines is an important step in helping control overwork   But this business of overworking is at times difficult in the corporate world   Setting times for bed is helpful:  Vata needs the most rest so in bed by 10p and up 630-7a; Pitta 1030p and up 6a; Kapha in bed by 11p and up 5 to 530a   If you don’t know your energy pattern you can do a questionnaire here

There is a  tendency for Pitta to overeat due to hot quality and what it does to the appetite   If you don’t eat your biggest meal of the day at noon you risk having an appetite that can get out of control due to the hot quality

Exercising in the hot midday sun is very provoking to Pitta   Not only are you not taking advantage of the metabolic fire ready to digest your foods but you’re overheating the body in the hottest part of the day

Finally you’re familiar with the hot mental patterns of behavior such as anger, hostility, judgement, criticism, and impatience   Interestingly if you do the nutritional work and pay attention to the behavioral guidelines these mental patterns will subside   That is, if you find yourself being critical and judgmental it will lessen with time

7 Guidelines To Curb the OVER and Resultant Inflammation

1  Get proper rest as noted above according to the time schedules  It’s common for the Pitta energy pattern to demand too much of the Vata pattern which is delicate like a flower and needs rest

2 Eat the biggest meal between 11a and 2p and make this a important part of the day for yourself  Use the Green Composite Protein Recipe and use every day

3  Exercise in the early cool morning hours

4 Wear sunglasses on sunny days as this reduces the hot quality to the Pitta sensitive eyes

5  If you find yourself overheating in your environment, stop and figure out how to cool off

6  A  harried lifestyle of Vata with the above makes the hot quality worse since the movement fans the intensity and heat of Pitta so slowing down by doing contemplative practices such as yoga for exercise or meditation can be helpful

7   Use the evening to wind down but try reducing the alcohol because this provokes the hot quality

In summary it’s not just one thing that you do that will bring your IC symptoms under control but it’s building on top of things  It’s a cumulative effect that pays dividends in reducing symptoms over time   The key is to be aware of the things that can provoke the hot quality to lifestyle behavior choices

2 Responses to “IC and Ways to Reduce Inflammatory Behaviors”

  1. Mary Jo says:

    Hi Dr. Dean,

    I’ve dealt with severe IC with Hunner’s ulcers for 17 years now. I’ve been following your IC protocol since 2/1/17, and have seen much improvement. I understand that I should allow 2 months for every year I’ve had IC to recover my health using this protocol…2 x 17 = 34 months. Already the pelvic floor pain, frequency, urgency and burning upon urination and vaginal burning are much improved…BUT still not normal. Flares are less and less frequent. I have experienced a rash of emotions surfacing during the first few months using this protocol, then a distended belly for a few months, an increase in cholesterol levels and now joint pain and popping… especially the knees… all of which seem to be subsiding as well. Will have my cholesterol levels rechecked 12/15/17. Are these additional symptoms part of the detox process and healing of the generalized inflammation and excess Pitta over time? Is this normal as the DNA begins to repair? Just curious… Anyone else experiencing similar changes/symptoms? I am looking forward to stellar health once again and a return to a normal life!! I can put up with this, if I know the end goal is obtainable😊

    Thank you Dr. Dean

  2. Amy says:

    Mary Jo what you wrote really helped me. Im in a similar boat and ive seen improvement also doing this. my flares used to be all the time but they went way down. alot of urgency still but dr dean did say 1st flares go, then urgency follows

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