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The Stores

When you enter the world of energy science healing it requires a shift in how you do healing and what you use for it  Many foundational lifestyle choices are simple enough to put into practice without having to buy expensive supplements  Such choices as nutritional information lists can simply be put up on the refrigerator as a handy reminder or taking the list with you when going grocery shopping works without any expense

The stores listed under this tab are here to support your healing journey using the energy science approach because they serve as high quality sites that offer good fair prices for the items that you’ll be looking for

There are inexpensive supporting products that can be at times difficult to find and when you try to buy them locally they may be expensive It was with this in mind that this store list was created  For example a copper or stainless steel tongue scraper is very useful to monitor the tongue particularly during detoxification procedures and might be hard to find if simply going out to stores locally

There are common herbal products that most everyone with IC would be needing such as aloe vera gel or cumin, coriander, and fennel seeds to make CCF tea  If you would try to buy these locally they might be quite expensive  But buying them in bulk can save you quite a bit of money particularly since you will be using these products on a chronic consistent basis

Homemade yogurt is the only appropriate way to consume yogurt as store bought yogurt is too acidic  Certain appliances are helpful to find online such as the yogurt maker and you can find this among other products in the Amazon store

High quality herbs in either capsule, powdered(churna), or in various forms such as tinctures are inexpensive if you know where to look and so the recommended stores are here to help you sort through the enormous selection available on the internet without being scammed

Lastly in the Amazon and the Ayurvedic Institute stores there are supportive resource books that can help you gain a better understanding to this healing approach



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