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New IC Book Release

ICBladderPainThumb 250x400The book outlines the energy science approach to IC and contrasts the current traditional matter(molecular) approach to the problem

This is the first book that has taken the disease label of IC and shown how and why energy science principles can deal with this disease

And this is the first in a series of books dealing with the IC bladder pain syndrome  As you know IC is associated with sister diseases:  fibromyalgia, chronic prostatitis, IBS(irritable bowel syndrome), and GERD(gastroesophageal reflux disease, aka hyperacidity syndrome and acid indigestion), and chronic fatigue syndrome  It is unclear why these associated sister diseases occur with IC from a molecular approach  In the years to come I’ll deal with each one of these disease labels and show how they are intimately associated with IC

From an energy science point of view this association makes complete sense and I cover this relationship in the book

I also discuss the relationship between hysterectomy and menses and show why energetically there must be a correlation between IC and the female genital tract

The book also explains the relationship of pelvic pain and IC with impaired bowel function

You can get the book at Amazon or here in the store which takes you to the same Amazon page         thanks DB


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