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Homemade Yogurt

Making Homemade Yogurt and Lassi


            Donvier yogurt machine( store)

            Measuring bowl

            7cups of whole milk

            Yogurt starter (no fruit) from the store

            Candy making thermometer

Bring milk to 185 degrees F Do on medium heat Watch because boil over and make a big mess Stirring helps prevent the scalding of the milk to the bottom of the container

Cool milk down to 105 to 115 degrees F This can be done in the sink with cold water running around the cooking container or putting it in the freezer transferred to the measuring bowl Have to cool down the milk so the temperature doesn’t kill the bacteria for the next step After a period of time you won’t need the thermometer and you’ll be able to visually tell when the boil is enough and by touch when the temperature is correct

Place to 2-3 heaping T of yogurt starter in a Donvier container and add a small amount of prepared milk and mix to make a thick slurry Add the slurry to the prepared milk mixture and stir it in

Pour the prepared milk mixture into the individual Donvier containers, cap them, and place them into the wells of the yogurt maker

Set for 8 hours and put the top of Donvier yogurt maker over the containers Seems like greater than 8 hours tends to make the yogurt less firm and watery This can be done over night It’s no big deal to let the containers sit in the Donvier for longer than 8 hours…so if the incubation is done at 3am you can harvest the yogurt from the containers in the morning when you get up

Put the yogurt into a bowl and refrigerate for 3 hours and it’s ready to consume

Making lassi In a blender place 4T of homemade yogurt with 4-6cups of warm water, 2 capfuls of almond(vanilla or flavor of choice) extract and 2T of sucanat(or turbinado) blenderize and pour keeping the foam out of your cup(foam is airy and Vata provoking) Can add more sucanat or slivered almonds based on taste Should not be sour Remember no fruit



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