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Daily Routine

The mindbody is a computer printout of your daily lifestyle behavior patterns The below suggested daily routine puts you into the rhythms of Nature When your mindbody follows Nature you naturally become more balanced because Nature is always in balance Specifically the main reason for a morning routine energetically is to reduce the early morning Kapha energy pattern which is heavy and slow/dull  The routine is to wake up the physiology and reduce physiologic Kapha

In Bed by 1030p (Vata earlier Kapha later)

Awaken between 6 and 7a(Vata later Kapha earlier)

Splash cold water into open eyes(awakens the nervous system since the eyes are the extensions of the brain)7x

Begin fluid consumption to stimulate bowel movement Volume of fluids for the day should be around 50-60oz for PV and 40-50oz for PK and by consuming 20oz in the early am gets you started with bowel activity but also gets you started for the day with healthy volume consumption

Scrape the tongue(7x for 7sets then “read” the tongue for ama)

Kevala(sesame oil swish aka oil pulling)…1-2T in mouth and through the cheeks massage the gum lines of the upper and lower plates of the teeth….bring the tongue across the inside and outside of the upper and lower plates to massage the gums with the tongue and oil(done 7x upper and 7x lower)….swish from side to side expanding the cheeks….spit into the toilet (Caution: if you are on a septic tank use a separate container under your sink….bacteria will not grow in oil so it can be kept for a period of time)…can do this while shaving or doing other things in the bath

Brush teeth

Neti see handouts for nasya and neti…this reduces the Kapha energy pattern in the form of mucous

Pranayama/asana/exercise these routines will reduce Kapha

Meditation see handout…this settles Vata

Abhyanga if prescribed…will reduce Vata


Dress for the day based on graha

Breakfast if indicated

Lunch   Biggest meal of the day….guideline 2 handfuls….helps balance Pitta

Meditation if so inclined and there is time

Dinner if you’re hungry for the meal…good opportunity for just fruit

Bed as above




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