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Herbal Products is the product resource page for SVA(lineage of Ayurveda) very high quality herbs and formulations  In the herbal world it’s not just one herb that does the healing but a multiplicity of herbs that interact with the physiology in several different ways to bring about the desired result over time  This is because the condition whatever it is was caused by a multiplicity of events….not just one or two things  This is a very different way of seeing disease cause than that molecular approach  A formulation is a group of herbs brought together for a defined purpose and it’s only as good as the quality of the herbs in it and the individual who puts together the formulation  The individual who has produced these herbal products was a highly skilled formulator who paid attention to details of quality  The list of products is quite complex so I would not suggest going this alone

The Ayurvedic Institute located in Albuquerque New Mexico is a  site for Ayurvedic education, supplies, and herbal material  It offers a herbal pharmacy as well



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