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Related Websites  You can obtain more information about the Ayurvedic energy science approach in the management of IC by visiting  This site will give you background on the energy science and how it is different than the currently practiced matter science or allopathic urologic approach; research information on this approach with IC; a “emergency” nutritional format for flare situations and tips on using the diet; an energy science explanation of acid loading and the energy science reasoning why aloe is such an important herb in IC; an understanding of how long it will take to resolve IC and more! is a website devoted to explaining energy science nutritional system  It helps give you your unique energy mindbody makeup and with that information you can find a less restricting nutritional format than the above format at is a blog site that deals with many different topics of interest to people interested in the energy science approach  Popular topics include the opiates and cheese favorite

wrinkled fingertips

fingernails and bone health and  sesame seeds and osteoporosis

trouble waking up

why late night eating can lead to nightmares

Online Transactions

Product purchases such as consultations, webinars, and packaged products sold through each have their refund statements that allow full refund of money paid if not satisfied with the service or product within the specified period of time related to the product    There are no products sold that could be exchanged   You can cancel an order within 24 hours of the purchase    All transactions are secured for privacy and safety

There are products sold from the ic-solutions store  that are managed through third parties such as Amazon and Banyan Botanicals   Refund policies for these purchased products would be managed through these third parties companies

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