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The Good News About IC

The Good News About IC

The pain of your IC flare is related to the movement of the qualities of hot, mobile, and dry   These qualities lead to the burning in the pelvis and on urination as well as the frequency and intense urgency you experience(leading to the rusty zipper syndrome)

These primordial vibrational frequencies(fancy term for qualities) are moving through a long tube in the mindbody   This tube begins in the kidney and ends where the urine comes out when you urinate   It’s that simple!    Energy in the form of urine moves through this channel or tube from the kidney to the bladder and then out when urination occurs

Channel versus Tissue

The good news is that the energetic imbalance of the qualities of hot, mobile, and dry in IC occur in a channel not a tissue   Why is this such good news?  It’s much easier to correct an energetic imbalance in a tube or channel than it is in a dense multicellular tissue layer

Other examples of channels are the gastrointestinal tract(mouth to the anus), the respiratory tube(includes the nose, nasal sinuses, upper airway tubes, and lungs), the male and female genital channels, and the vascular network(both arterial and venous sides)   Other channel disorders besides IC include GERD, IBS, and vulvodynia

There are other energy structures in the energy mindbody that are tissue layers    The muscles of the mindbody are a dense energetic multicellular layer   A lot can go wrong in such a complex structure and so it takes longer to correct a tissue layer problem   Tissue layer disorders include fibromyalgia and chronic prostatitis

Yea!  IC is a Simple Channel Dis-ease

So we’re familiar with those people who develop IC and they have a brief experience with the symptoms but somehow or another there is a spontaneous resolution of the IC and they never have another problem with it   A pure channel problem clears

But then there’s the mixture of channel and tissue energetic imbalance   Here the IC becomes more complex   Tissue imbalances involving hot, mobile, and dry become mixed with the channel imbalance of IC with the experience of the symptoms associated with the dis-ease

From an energy science view this explains the reason why many people don’t get spontaneous resolution but smoulder in the embers of chronic IC   There is a mixture of energetic tissue imbalance coupled with the channel imbalance

Still Good News

Even though there is the energetic imbalance of hot, mobile, and dry in both the tissues and urinary tract channel or tube IC regardless is a channel dis-ease  and will respond to treatments more quickly   It doesn’t mean that the tissue energetic imbalances don’t have to be addressed   They do

But they can be addressed as the symptoms from the urinary channel are resolved by such channel soothing herbs such as CCF tea and aloe vera gel   Just visualize the aloe cooling the hot, mobile, and dry internal lining of the urinary tube just as it soothes the external skin when it’s burned

5 Responses to “The Good News About IC”

  1. Teresa Oravitz says:

    What is CCF tea and where do I buy it? Thank you.

    • Mary Ellen says:

      Make it yourself with cumin, coriander and fennel. Place equal amounts in ziploc bag. From that, use 1 tablespoon in cup of hot water. (This is from Dr.Dean’s book: Interstitial Cystitis Solutions. Great book with many helpful solutions!)

      I bought a tea brewer from Teavana and I add 1 tablespoon of each herb, add hot water and let steep for 10 mins. This tea takes the pain away within about 10 mins.!! BTW, I buy fresh herbs from Sprouts (a health food store). I wouldn’t use bottled herbs since they might have lost their potency being on the shelf too long…

      • Gladys says:

        Do I have this right that you are using 3 Tablespoons of CCF tea to reduce a current flare?

        • Dr Bill Dean says:

          Hi Gladys for IC use equal parts of coriander and fennel…put in large ziploc bag…use a 20oz contigo travel mug( and tea basket( Put the seeds from the ziploc in the tea basket with hot water and enjoy Would delete the cumin best DB

    • Sandra K Llewellyn says:

      My eyes are also involved, they will burn and water during a flair. Does it effect all mucosa this way.

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