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3 Therapies to Heal IC

3 Therapies to Heal IC

The IC bladder pain syndrome(interstitial cystitis, vulvodynia, prostatitis, IBS, GERD, and fibromyalgia) produces not only bladder pain that can be intermittent(as in flares) but also often involves the vaginal canal(vulvodynia),  pelvic floor muscles, and often the rectum   And as is common with all people with IC there are some forms of bowel involvement with symptoms since from an energy science point of view the disease arises from the GI tract

The Rectum and the Pelvic Nerves?

IC is a systemic disease  Many matter science medical authorities who write about IC agree that in some way it is a systemic disease but the current matter science medical model limits their thinking in how IC can be systemic

From the energy model perspective the energy patterns of primarily Vata and Pitta leave the GI (GERD and IBS)after being provoked usually by the foods consumed that are unbalancing, by using incompatible food combinations, and having particular lifestyle behavioral patterns that provoke

These energy patterns find weak and vulnerable areas in the physiology   In the case of IC they initially cause imbalance in the rectum and then the spread to the pelvic nerves bringing about the symptoms of IC in the bladder  The nerves can also affect the vagina and perineal floor as well  As you can see in the accompanying anatomical diagram the vagina, bladder, and rectum are all intimately associated and the pelvic plexus that innervates all these contiguous structures  You can also see how close everything is to the pelvic floor and why the pelvic muscles would also be involved

When the pelvic nerves are involved, the muscles and organs supplied by these nerves may go into spasm or become symptomatic secondary to the vibrational frequencies involving the pelvic plexus  Hence physical therapy has been prescribed for IC pain that seems localized to the pelvic floor or for what appears to be pelvic floor dysfunction

As the pelvic nerves are  part of the pelvic structures they can become involved due to the process of imbalance in the rectum  When this happens, even if the bladder and vagina are targeted with herbal therapy, either by instillation or taking herbs by mouth, it may not be enough as the nerves are not in the path of the instillations but peripheral to them

3 Techniques for Improving Pelvic Nerve Health

1  The use of basti or medicated herbal enema therapy can be a hallmark therapy if the above disease process is understood  The energy pattern of Vata is always involved in the IC bladder pain syndrome and always reduced by basti treatment  Using other herbs can be effective in reducing the offending vibrational frequencies such as the hot(burning) and heavy, dull sensation in the pelvis  The use of detoxification procedures is important as with most therapies

2 Intrarectal transdermal creams coupled with herbal memory nectars can be effective in reducing the imbalance  Particularly the former can be effective in reduing the offending vibrational frequencies causing the bladder and vaginal symptoms  Transrectal administration is best coupled detoxification procedures

3 Another energy science technique called pranayama(breathing exercies) can strengthen the pelvic muscles but at the same time can bring about clearance of abnormal accumulatons of energy that prevent the free flow of energy through the pelvic cavity  The specific breath technique is called kapalabhati which can be seen at this link  The individual demonstrating the technique is advanced but you can only start where you are  Pay attention to those who should not practice this technique

When done with regularity and associated with other foundational work with attention placed on these techniques will help with the energy disturbance present in the pelvic cavity  If you want more information on these therapies set up an appointment for consultation

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