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IC and Vulvodynia/Chronic Prostatitis

IC and Vulvodynia/Chronic Prostatitis

MalefemaleAs you know the pelvic pain from IC can be so severe that it precludes having normal sexual activity  In a survey done through the ICA organization 90% of IC patients report problems with intimacy   And the majority of women(50-85%) have associated vulvodynia or pain specifically related to the vagina  For reasons not clear, ICA dropped the reference page to this statistic  The stats come from a response survey of an IC population culled from members of the organization  This numbers have been substantiated by other research

The fear of bringing on the pain and a flare can lead to avoidance and resulting isolation

Some have reported breaking into a cold sweat due to anxiety just with foreplay   And this can obviously put a severe strain on a marital relationship unless one is fortunate to have an understanding spouse who doesn’t want to inflict pain to his best friend

But for others it can lead to failed relationships or inability to find new ones   As one IC patient told me, “I feel like I’m damaged goods”   Others express a sense of loss of womanhood much as men are fearful of the same for themselves

As we know the matter science approach to the chronic IC problem is unfortunately not helpful since this model doesn’t deal with chronic disease well

But sexual intimacy need not be dead  if one can deal with the origin of IC  The energy science can successfully deal with pelvic pain and hence restore intimacy once again

The Energy Science of the IC Bladder Pain Syndrome

We have discussed the energy and matter science approaches in doing their work   The energy science approach is about balance of qualities; too much hot(responsible for the shearing pain) balanced by delivering the cold; too much subtle balanced by the gross quality(the energy field is subtle and the matter biological field gross);  too much mobile(responsible for the urinary frequency and pain) balanced by the stable or static quality

So the symptoms of IC in the pelvis from an energy science view is related to an imbalance of qualities  The imbalance of these qualities in the energy body can lead to the symptom complex of the IC bladder pain syndrome(interstitial cystitis, vulvodynia, chronic prostatitis, IBS, GERD, and fibromyalgia)  According to Ayurveda all disease except for trauma begins in the GI tract so one can see how important nutrition becomes in the management of the syndrome

Once there is a buildup of these energetic qualities(aka vibrational frequencies) within the gut they will either cause symptoms in the GI tract(IBS and/or GERD) or move from the GI tract and affect other tissues or organs(IC, vulvodynia, chronic prostatitis or fibromyalgia)

A Revolutionary Understanding to Pelvic and Vaginal Pain

The movement of the qualities from the GI tract can occur anywhere along its length  If they move from the colon and specifically from the sigmoid colon they can lead to symptoms of vulvodynia, chronic prostatitis, and interstitial cystitis  Since these vibrational frequencies of hot, sharp, liquid, oily, dry, rough, and mobile  have a predilection for the nervous tissue of the pelvis, what occurs then is a pelvic neuropathy

In the end interstitial cystitis and vulvodynia(chronic prostatitis in men) are examples of a pelvic neuropathy  That is, the symptoms in the bladder, vagina, and prostate are a result of nerve involvement by vibrational frequencies that come from the colon  The allopathic scientific research have postulated this but how the neuropathy occurs has not been elucidated

Here Are 3 Things to Do

First of all one must realize that this is not an easy thing to treat and will take months to resolve based among other things on the length of time that one has had symptoms  Secondly the use of herbs can be effective as long as one is doing baseline work below

1  Do a green composite protein diet to begin alkalinizing the GI tract

2 Do the dinacharya(day in balance) consistently

3 Normalize colon function using herbs

If interested I can send you handouts on these specific techniques requested through

29 Responses to “IC and Vulvodynia/Chronic Prostatitis”

  1. Annie Chin says:

    Yes please email the handouts do I can start the green composite!
    Thank you so much Dr Dean!
    Annie Chin

  2. Joy Goldberg says:

    I am willing to try anything. This pain is ruining my relationship.


    Dear Dr. Dean,

    Could you please send me the email handouts for the green composite.

    Thank you

    Bridget Holmes

  4. Joy Grove says:

    Please send me email handouts for the green composite.
    Thank you. Joy Grove

  5. Liesl qualls says:

    Please please send in on green composite and what’s the dinacharya

  6. Liesl qualls says:

    And thank you for your awesome page

  7. Melissa says:

    Hi I would love the green composite handouts. Thank you!

  8. Lois Grenier says:

    I would also like the handouts for the “green composite” and discharges.
    Thank you, Lois Grenier

  9. Janie Turner says:

    Yes, PLEASE, send me the 3 steps for GI healing listed above. Thank you so much for everything Dr.Dean!

  10. Vicki R McGeehon says:

    Please send me information on these techniques.
    Thank You!

    1 Do a green composite protein diet to begin alkalinizing the GI tract

    2 Do the dinacharya(day in balance) consistently

    3 Normalize colon function using herbs

  11. J says:

    Please send info on all three balancing techniques listed.

    thank you so much!

  12. Megan M says:

    Please send me the info, IC and Vulvodynia are ruining my life.

    Thank you!

  13. Mimi says:

    Please send me information on these techniques.
    Thank You!
    1 Do a green composite protein diet to begin alkalinizing the GI tract
    2 Do the dinacharya(day in balance) consistently
    3 Normalize colon function using herbs

    Dr. Dean, I plan to set up a consult with you also! Is it true we should never drink wine again? 🙁

  14. Christine Walker says:

    Thank you so much for this Dr Bill, I’ve had both IC and vulvodynia for a few years now and changing my diet hasn’t worked so far – desperate to try anything so really hopeful that this will work!

  15. Christine Walker says:

    Hi Dr Bill,

    I would really appreciate you sending me the 3 steps for GI healing.

    Many thanks


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